Take a look at the New features of Google Meet 2020

Take a look at the New features of Google Meet 2020

New features of Google Meet

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New features of Google Meet :

No, no survey was found in this regard. However, no one was surprised. Because, in fact, almost everyone who keeps track of the rat race of the video calling app knows that the feature is just a matter of time.

New features of Google Meet

That feature is the custom background of the Google Meet app. Users can use Google’s selected image or any image of their choice as their background in the Google Meet app.

new feature of Google Meet

The feature is coming for most users. Google is currently bringing it to Chrome OS, Windows and Mac users.

Technology blog Engadget states that users do not need to install any plugins or additional software to enjoy the benefits of the feature.Google has said that it will have to wait a few more days to use this special feature on the phone. However, according to the organization, it is “coming soon”.

Google has released a collection of photos of themselves for custom backgrounds. Google’s default image collection includes images of office, nature and abstract backgrounds. If you want, users can also upload their favorite pictures.

Google also said that it may take up to seven days for the Google Meet app feature to reach everyone.

New features of Google Meet

Rival video calling service Zoom already has this feature. The feature has also gained popularity among zoom users. So it’s no surprise that the feature is coming to the Google Meet app.

Google says in the context of the feature, “Custom background will help to better present your personality, will help to hide everything around you.”

Engadget noted that once the feature is turned on, an icon will appear in the lower right corner of the Google Meet interface. Users can change the background with that icon.

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