8 Killer SEO Tips To Boost Your Blog/Website

8 Killer SEO Tips To Boost Your Blog/Website

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Today I am discussing the Best SEO Tips that will give a massive increase to your blog’s traffic and popularity and boost your traffic and Google Page Rank as well as Alexa And other rankings. Unlike the other Webmasters, I am going to share my 2 year experience of SEO with you.

I read thousands of articles on several blogs and applied and tested them, and the result is what I am going to share with you. I searched with my scope of knowledge and come to the point that 90% of blogs are missing many useful SEO points which can make you a pro Blogger and many blogs have published wrong contents that leads to the drop in Rankings. So below are mentioned the main Goals of SEO which I am using since years and have such Good SEO Rankings and Search Results.

1. The Correct Time To Publish Posts

After regularly publishing 7 post a weak, I saw drop in my Traffic and Alexa Rankings day by day. That was a thinking point for me. The fact was that when I publish my post in between 11:00 AM to 12:00 AM (In Bangladesh) the next day I see a massive increase in traffic with a single post at correct time. It is the time when the most of the traffic lands on Internet. So you should post between 11 AM to 12 AM (8 – 10 am in US).

2. Post Length and Summary

In order to place your post well in search results, your post must contain at least 300 Words. It should not be much longer that your visitors refuses to read it and close your blog. If you are writing a very long post, then divide it into 2 or more posts so your visitors don’t get confused. Don’t continuously write the post, give some spaces and write in paragraphs so it may be easy to read.

3. The Main Points Should Be Written First

You should write the main goals and the main purpose of your article first. Don’t discuss anything which is not related to your topic. Just talk to the point.

4. Always Choose Shorter Post Title

Your post title should be as shorter as possible. Place the important words first. Don’t worry about grammar, search engines don’t look your grammar.

5. Must Include A Picture.

A picture speaks a thousand worlds and give your post a fresh look. Moreover it also optimizes your post by appearing in Google Images. Try to place picture on the top left side of your article like me.

7. Nofollow External Links

Nofollow is a big matter for you. It could be the reason in your PR drop. 

8. Page Loading Speed

This is what every blogger/webmaster needs. Page Loading is a big factor for your traffic lost because most of the visitors don’t wait if the page is loading slow, the just close your site and check for any other site

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