Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun: Hope to bring AI technology to Arm customers 2020

Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun: Hope to bring AI technology to Arm customers 2020

Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun

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Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun said on Wednesday local time that the most attractive part of Arm is their customer network. He hopes to bring Nvidia’s artificial intelligence technology to Arm’s customers .

According to foreign media reports, Huang Renxun made a remote speech at the annual supplier and customer event of Arm’s parent company SoftBank. He talked about the customer network as the most attractive part of Arm and his hope to bring artificial intelligence technology to Arm customers.

Huang Renxun’s remarks once again informed the outside world that what they valued in the acquisition of Arm is the ecology and the potential of expanding AI.

Nvidia announced its intention to acquire Arm on its official website on September 13. At that time, they stated that they had reached a final agreement with SoftBank Group, the owner of Arm, to acquire Arm in cash and stock, with a transaction value of US$40 billion.

When announcing its intention to acquire Arm at that time, NVIDIA stated that this acquisition will combine NVIDIA’s leading artificial intelligence computing platform with Arm’s huge ecosystem, creating a leading computing company in the artificial intelligence era, accelerating innovation, and expanding Expansion of high-growth markets.

Huang Renxun also said at the time that artificial intelligence is the most powerful technology of our time, which has opened a new wave of computing. In the next few years, trillions of computers running artificial intelligence will create a new Internet of things. The combination of NVIDIA and Arm It will create an outstanding company in the era of artificial intelligence.

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