Microsoft Visual Studio Code 1.50 released: supports both Linux ARMv7 and ARM64 CPUs

Microsoft Visual Studio Code 1.50 released: supports both Linux ARMv7 and ARM64 CPUs

Visual Studio Code 1.50

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Microsoft recently released the September 2020 version Visual Studio Code 1.50, which includes some updates, such as accessibility settings editor, Pinned label improvements and Linux ARM Build support.

The accessibility settings editor enables you to interact with the settings list like any other list in VS Code. You can now adjust the size of the pinned label, unpin it with one click, and do more.

TNewsPro is informed that starting from this version, VS Code can now support both Linux ARMv7 and ARM64. This means you can now officially use VS Code on Raspberry Pi, Chromebook and other ARM-based devices ! On these devices, you can also use the remote development extension of VS Code to get a more powerful development environment when you need it.

This version also improves the hovering and filtering functions of the debug console. Users can now also switch automatic additional streams and view performance in real time.

Other updates include panel layout improvements and Webview view support.

Microsoft said that in this version, there are few changes around how to access the macOS keychain from VS Code, and users will be required to be aware of new tips for keychain access on macOS, even if they have previously allowed keychain access.

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