realme Xu Qi: Will eliminate the 5G price difference, allowing users to enjoy 5G products at 4G prices

realme Xu Qi: Will eliminate the 5G price difference, allowing users to enjoy 5G products at 4G prices

realme Q2 series

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realme Xu Qi: Following V3, on October 13, realme once again brought a thousand-yuan 5G mobile phone Q2 series, including Q2i, Q2 and Q2 Pro, with prices starting at 998, 1199 and 1599 yuan respectively. Among them, Q2i is also Realme’s second 5G mobile phone priced below 1,000 yuan.

It is understood that this product is mainly for the upcoming Double 11 promotion. For this year’s Double 11, realme has launched three major activities: “100 million yuan subsidy”, “full price guarantee” and “50% off every day”.

“Realme is well prepared for this Double 11, and has set a goal of hitting the TOP5 brand sales.” In an interview with Sohu Technology and other media, realme vice president Xu Qi said that realme is the “explosive household” of 5G this year. With a full product line from entry-level to high-end flagship, 5G will probably be the only brand to enter this year’s Double 11 with a full 5G lineup. During Double 11, there is no purpose or pressure to clear 4G inventory, and it will be even better in the 5G market. With ease.

According to the latest data from Stategy Analytics, 5G mobile phones will reach 250 million in 2020, a surge of 1,300% year-on-year. Entering the second half, 5G mobile phones will be the general trend.

Regarding the two major opportunities of 5G and changes in the current market structure, Xu Qi said that realme’s target sales this year is 50 million units, which will impact the TOP3 market in Southeast Asia and India, and will also make important layouts in the European market.

“Realme has made full preparations for this. In terms of lowering the price of 5G products, until Double 11, realme may still be the only manufacturer to release 5G mobile phones within 1,000 yuan.”

In addition, in terms of AIoT, at the beginning of this year, realme determined the “1+4+N” strategy in the Chinese market, with mobile phones as the core, with smart TVs, smart speakers, smart headphones, and smart watches as the four major traffic portals. Cooperate with “N” peripheral smart ecological products.

Xu Qi revealed that it is expected to complete the layout of speakers, TVs, headphones, and watches within this year.

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