Windows latest reports: Microsoft confirms that some Lenovo users will experience blue screen of death when installing Win 10 updates

Windows latest reports: Microsoft confirms that some Lenovo users will experience blue screen of death when installing Win 10 updates

Lenovo blue screen of death

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according to Windows latest reports, the latest batch of Windows 10 cumulative updates has brought users a series of new problems, including blue screen of death, performance issues, and another bug that caused problems with the Start menu. Microsoft has now confirmed that the updates released in the past two months may cause Lenovo PCs to experience blue screen of death.

In a new support document released over the weekend, Microsoft warned that it has noticed many other serious errors caused by KB4568831 or later, including SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED problems on the computer, 0xc0000005 access denied and the process ldiagio.sys causing system crashes and so on .

In a separate support document, Lenovo also confirmed these reports and highlighted the errors that users may encounter after installing the latest cumulative update of Windows 10:

• BSOD appears when booting, starting Lenovo Vantage and running Windows Defender Scan.

• Windows Hello issues.

• There is a problem with the device manager.

The problem seems to be caused by a compatibility issue between the cumulative update of Windows 10, UEFI settings and Lenovo’s Vantage app . Through cumulative updates, Microsoft has made changes that restrict process access to PCI device configuration, and features in UEFI may trigger this behavior, resulting in a blue screen.

Microsoft and Lenovo confirmed that the affected models include ThinkPad machines in 2019 and 2020. Although the “blue screen of death” is a serious problem, the good news is that both Microsoft and Lenovo stated that the fix is ​​relatively simple.

Microsoft recommends that Lenovo users disable the “Enhanced Windows Biometric Security” setting in UEFI. If you cannot disable this setting, you should uninstall the updates released in September or August and suspend Windows Update until Microsoft releases a fix.

Microsoft said: “Lenovo and Microsoft are working hard to solve this problem.”

TNewsPro has learned that not only Lenovo devices have encountered problems such as blue screen of death, some non-Lenovo PCs have been BSOD processed through Microsoft’s latest round of cumulative updates, but the repair method is relatively simple: uninstall the patch and suspend the update.

If users cannot uninstall the patch, they can also try to disable Intel Virtualization Technology. Otherwise, the last option is to use System Restore to roll back to an earlier version of Windows 10.

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