iQOO 5 Pro review: the twin peaks of design and configuration

iQOO 5 Pro review: the twin peaks of design and configuration

iQOO 5 Pro

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The iQOO 5 series of mobile phones were officially released, including the iQOO 5 and the super-large iQOO 5 Pro. This is the most changed product in the iQOO digital flagship series since the birth of the iQOO brand. This change is not only at the configuration and design level, but also includes product positioning and experience.

Taking iQOO 5 Pro as an example, the first 120W FlashCharge ultra-fast flash charging technology has added some “black technology” attributes to the product, and at the same time, it has blessings such as plain leather technology, Samsung 120Hz ultra-visual flexible screen, and GN1 outsole main camera. Let iQOO 5 Pro position more high-end and pure.

1. Design

Plain leather + three-color belt design, BMW M feelings landing

The packaging box of the iQOO 5 Pro continues the style of the previous generations of iQOO mobile phone family, with a black imitation carbon fiber background and the iQOO logo printed on the front. Unlike the previous generations, it has become the top global partner of BMW M Motorsport. After the first model, the BMW M logo was added to the iQOO 5 Pro box to show different identities.


The iQOO 5 Pro is divided into a legendary version and a track version. The rear shells of the two color-matching versions adopt different design techniques. The track version has an exclusive carbon fiber textured back cover and uses AG craft glass. The version is a plain leather rear shell and incorporates a three-color belt design, which is in the same line with the racing soul of BMW M racing.

iQOO 5 Pro

The legendary version of iQOO 5 Pro. The back of the fuselage is mainly white plain leather, and the left side of the fuselage is the classic three-color band of BMW M, and it covers the camera module. This design recognizes If you want a mobile phone that is unique in design, then iQOO 5 Pro Legendary Edition will be your best choice.

At the beginning of the birth of the BMW M department, the red, blue and purple M logo was confirmed. For half a century, the three-color “///M” logo has been rewritten as a legend by BMW. It represents the totem of BMW’s sports spirit. , IQOO 5 Pro Legendary Edition uses a three-color ribbon design, which can be regarded as a kind of “feelings landing”.

Because of the plain leather process, the back shell of iQOO 5 Pro feels more delicate and soft, and it is not so easy to slip off in the hand. However, compared with other plain-skin phones on the market, the texture of the iQOO 5 Pro is slightly harder, and the bottom edge of the rear case is slightly cut.

iQOO 5 Pro is the first mobile phone in the iQOO product line with a hyperboloid screen. The advantage of this design is that it can bring a thinner and lighter feel. According to official information, iQOO 5 Pro has a measurement of 159.56*73.3*9.53mm and a weight of 196.7g, which is much lighter and thinner than the previous iQOO mobile phone. It also has a very good feel with a single-handed grip. Not to mention it.

iQOO 5 Pro

The rear camera module of iQOO 5 Pro is also very recognizable. From the rear case of the fuselage to the protective ring to the camera module, it is still a stepped three-stage, and the protective ring and camera module are both in dark blue. There are three cameras, from top to bottom, they are big circle-small circle-small square, which is full of design. In terms of specifications, it includes a 50-megapixel Samsung GN1 main camera, an 8-megapixel 5X periscope zoom, and a 13-megapixel ultra-wide angle.

iQOO 5 Pro

In terms of the screen, iQOO 5 Pro is equipped with a 6.56-inch AMOLED full-scale screen. The official said that the screen ratio is as high as 92.6%. The screen has passed the SGS low smear seamless display certification and SGS low blue light eye protection certification. This screen also supports 120Hz Refresh rate and 240Hz touch sampling rate, parameters include 6000000:1 screen contrast, 500nit screen brightness (typical value), and local brightness up to 1300nit. In addition, this screen also supports HDR10 + standard certification, supports HDR10 and HDR10 + high dynamic range video content playback; supports outdoor sunlight screen display under strong light and accurate color reproduction 100% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage.

This screen adds a lot to the experience of iQOO 5 Pro, especially the use of curved screens, which makes the phone thinner and more high-end. Of course, for those mobile game players, the author prefers the iQOO 5 mobile phone with a straight screen, because in terms of screen quality, the two have the same display effect except for the difference between “curved and straight”.

Another point of “hidden” configuration has to be mentioned. The iQOO 5 series has built-in CS43131 independent Hi-Fi chip and supports Hi-Res audio certification. According to official data, compared with the previous generation of AK4377A, CS43131’s signal-to-noise ratio SNR is about 1 times, dynamic range DNR is about 1 times, output voltage is raised from 1V to 2V, and distortion THN+N is about 1 times (<0.0003%) ) Compared with ordinary CODEC chips (mobile phones without Hi-Fi chips), the distortion can be reduced by about 16dB. In addition, the iQOO 5 series also has built-in 2 ultra-linear large-amplitude 1210-core internal magnetic speaker units, bringing excellent surround sound effects.

iQOO 5 Pro also has a built-in X-axis linear motor. Whether it is typing or playing games, the vibration feel is more realistic and delicate, especially the built-in “mechanical keyboard” of the input method, which will make you fall in love with mobile typing in minutes.

iQOO 5 Pro mechanical keyboard

For example, the “Logitech G913” GL-C-like blue axis selected by the author has a very obvious sense of paragraph, but it is not so sticky. When the fingertip touches the screen, the linear motor of the mobile phone vibrates twice, as if The screen itself is a mechanical keyboard, which feels real and can be described as “difficult to return once used.”

Two: performance and camera

Still the performance of the Audio-Technica, the main camera periscope telephoto outsole has

iQOO 5 Pro

In the core configuration, iQOO 5 Pro and iQOO 5 are exactly the same. Continuing the performance Audio-Technica combination of Snapdragon 865, Samsung LPDDR5 storage and UFS3.1 ultra-fast flash memory, and providing a maximum storage specification of 12GB, the IT house got the 12+256GB version, not much to say, Let’s take a look directly at the running points.

Through GeekBench4 running points, iQOO 5 Pro reached 4286 points for single core and 13486 points for multi-core; through GeekBench5 running points, iQOO 5 Pro reached 925 points for single core and 3318 points for multi-core, and it ran with iQOO 5. The sub-data is basically consistent.

In the AnTuTu (V8.4.5) test, the iQOO 5 Pro actually scored 660,000+ points, which is about 40,000 points higher than the iQOO 5 with the same configuration and surpassed 99% of users.

IT House measured that the sequential read speed of iQOO 5 Pro reached 1742MB/s, the sequential write speed reached 760MB/s, the random read speed would reach 281MB/s, and the random write speed would reach 234MB/s. This data It is consistent with the previous iQOO 5 and belongs to the highest level of the Android camp.

In the previous iQOO 5 evaluation, IT House has tested its game performance in detail, here is a simple test of the performance of iQOO 5 Pro in “Peace Elite”. We chose Ultra HD + Ultra High Frame Rate for the test. As shown in the figure below, the game can basically achieve nearly full frame performance. The highest frame of the game is 40FPS, but the highest frame in our test can reach 42FPS.

In the camera part, the iQOO 5 series has been greatly improved, including a 50-megapixel super-outsole main camera and a 13-megapixel super wide-angle. The difference between iQOO 5 Pro and iQOO 5 is that the former is equipped with an 8-megapixel 5X periscope lens, while the latter has a 13 million image (2X telephoto).

image created : IT House

Main camera macro

Super Macro
image created : IT House

Super Macro

image created : IT House

Main photo

image created : IT House

Ultra wide angle / main camera

image created : IT House
image created : IT House

5X telephoto

image created : IT House

Night scene (shooting with iQOO 5):

The main camera of the iQOO 5 series is the same GN1 of the X50 super cup. The sensor size has reached 1/1.3 inches. It has a higher light input performance. It also supports full-pixel four-in-one dual-core focusing. “Dead”, the 1/1.3-inch main camera outsole is equipped with a large f/1.8 aperture, and the performance of the picture color, brightness, white balance and other aspects is remarkable. In the night environment, the first impression of the proofs of the iQOO 5 series is that it is transparent and clean, and the sky has no noise, and the branches and leaves in the proofs can withstand magnification.

Since the beginning of this year, the outsole and periscope telephoto have become the strengths of major mobile phone brands. iQOO 5 Pro complements the shortcomings of previous product photography. Whether it is ultra-wide angle or main camera, night scenes can bring consumers A first-class photo experience. However, the author believes that the 8-megapixel periscope telephoto will not constitute an absolute advantage in the second half of this year. After all, the various super-large cups of friends have already exerted their strength on the periscope. In addition, if iQOO 5 Pro is coupled with a 2X portrait lens, the overall competitiveness will be better. After all, portrait has always been the strength of vivo (iQOO). Of course, it’s a bit of a “bone in the egg” to say that, after all, with the outsole blessing iQOO 5 Pro, the image power has entered the domestic first-class echelon.

Part 3: Fast charge

120W super flash charging, making charging “insensible”

iQOO 5 Pro is equipped with a 4000mAh battery and is equipped with a 120W super flash charge, which is currently one of the fastest charging technologies. In the test of IT House (bright screen charging), iQOO 5 Pro only takes 17 minutes to complete the charging process from shutdown to 100% full charge. Among them, it only takes 6 minutes to charge to 50% and 10 minutes to charge. The battery is close to 70%, and it took 17 minutes to fully charge.

It should be noted that in the charging test, in order to record the power of the iQOO 5 Pro charging head, we plugged in the Power-Z charging tester in real time for testing. Therefore, theoretically speaking, the charging speed of the iQOO 5 Pro is faster than the IT house. The test is slightly faster.

In the test, iQOO 5 Pro was found to be a very “perverted” point in the IT House test. When the UI shows that the charging reaches 100%, the general mobile phone will be in a “trickle” charging state ranging from several minutes to ten minutes. However, the trickle charge time of iQOO 5 Pro is extremely short, almost a few seconds after the UI% displays 100%, the phone will pop up the message “Battery is complete, please remove the power in time”, and Power-Z The display charging power is basically close to 0W, which is an experience that has never appeared in the mobile phones I have tested.

In addition, during the charging process, the iQOO 5 Pro has a peak power of 100~103W before 50%. It can maintain 80W + power after about 6 minutes of charging, and 30W + when charged to 90%. This is the reason why iQOO 5 Pro can complete charging in a very short time- not only fast, but also fast and lasting.

During the charging process, the highest temperature of the charging head of the iQOO 5 Pro is 44.5°C, and the fingers can feel the residual heat, but this temperature is also normal. The maximum temperature of the mobile phone is 38.2°C, which is obviously better.

Of course, after all, the power has reached 120W, and the weight and size of the charging head of the iQOO 5 Pro is larger and heavier than before. The measured value of IT House has reached 203g, which is slightly heavier than the mobile phone. However, I believe that compared to the mobile power supply, the iQOO 5 Pro charging head is not too heavy. You carry the charging head when you go out every day. If you run out of power, you can find an outlet and buy a bottle of water or just a short chat. To get a whole day’s power consumption, 120W fast charge is a configuration that can’t be returned after use. The author’s dependence on it is even much higher than that of 120Hz high refresh .

The iQOO 5 Pro has a built-in 4000mAh battery. The IT house measured that iQOO 5 Pro “Peace Elite” consumes 12% of power (50% power, 50% volume, WiFi, Bluetooth, 5G full on) in 30 minutes, and the overall performance is not excellent. It can only be said to be quite satisfactory, and there is still a certain gap between the iQOO 5 with 4500mAh battery, but it is enough for daily use, after all, there is 120W fast charge, which can make up for the regret on the battery.

to sum up:

iQOO 5 Pro is the flagship mobile phone with the most extreme experience since the birth of the iQOO brand. It is difficult to find shortcomings in both configuration and design. There are even advantages that many friends do not currently have, such as 120W super flash charging , This configuration is turning charging into a “no perception” thing, and to a certain extent, it will also change consumers’ daily mobile phone habits (no need to find sockets before going to bed at night, etc.). The iQOO 5 and iQOO 5 Pro models have precise positioning. iQOO 5 is the basic disk of iQOO mobile phones, taking into account the needs of consumers and players, while Pro has lifted the overall positioning of the iQOO brand and is more suitable for those who pursue the ultimate Users of technological experience.

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