Foreign media: Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G Only 6.7-inch is equipped with millimeter wave 5G, the fastest!

Foreign media: Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G Only 6.7-inch is equipped with millimeter wave 5G, the fastest!

iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G

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Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G: TNewsPro News on September 5, foreign media MacRumors reported that Apple will introduce 5G technology into the iPhone 12 product line in 2020, but there are two types of 5G: the fastest mmWave (millimeter wave) and the slower but popular Higher sub-6Hz, there is currently mixed information about the 5G spectrum that the iPhone 12 will support in 2020

The fastest mmWave 5G may be limited to Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro series. A new report from Fast Company shows that mmWave technology may be limited to Apple’s largest and most expensive iPhone, the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max.

A source disclosed to Fast Company said that only the largest iPhone in the series has room for the antenna design required to achieve mmWave support and the larger battery that requires power consumption.

In addition, Fast Company believes that the iPhone 12 Pro Max will only support mmWave in the new iPhone versions sold in the United States, South Korea and Japan, because some countries and regions do not currently have a complete mmWave network.

mmWave is the fastest 5G version, providing speeds up to 1Gb/s, but due to deployment costs, its range is very short and only suitable for some urban areas.

Sub-6GHz is faster than a typical 4G LTE connection, but slower than mmWave 5G. However, its range is much wider, so it is suitable for use in urban, suburban and rural areas, and it is expected to become a broader version of 5G.

Recently, there have been some news that Apple’s iPhone 12 series will be listed in a staggered manner.The more affordable iPhone 12 models will be launched first, and the more expensive iPhone 12 Pro models will follow.

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