iPhone 12 series complete summary rumors: from here to understand the appearance of new products in the future

iPhone 12 series complete summary rumors: from here to understand the appearance of new products in the future

iPhone 12 series

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iPhone 12 series: Every year, the highly anticipated new generation of iPhone generates a lot of rumors and speculations, and many whistleblowers and analysts claim that they know what this year’s launch will bring. AppleInsider has made a summary of the rumors, and these details may have hinted at the appearance of the iPhone 12 and other information.

When will the iPhone 12 be released?

Apple usually holds an autumn conference around September 10 to announce the most important products of the year. This tradition has lasted for 8 years. Although other events are sometimes held in October, this time is generally used to release other products such as computers.

But this year, the new crown epidemic has made everything uncertain. On August 12, the whistleblower Jon Prosser tweeted that Apple will break the tradition and announce that it will make changes to iPad products and launch the “Apple Watch Series 6” in the week of September 7. The iPhone annual event will be in October Held.

 iPhone 12

It is said that the time of the Apple test was leaked

Another whistleblower named “ihacktu” on Twitter insisted that the new iPhone will be released on September 8, while the new iPad Pro and Apple Silicon Macs (computers using Apple’s self-developed chips) will happen on October 27 , Which is the time structure similar to previous years.

Others believe that Apple itself has leaked the conference date. Previously, a “test” video of an event scheduled to begin at 1:15 pm Eastern Time on September 10 appeared on Apple’s YouTube channel and was then deleted.

However, Sina Digital believes that there will be no press conferences around September 10. It has already reached the end of August, and if Apple has not announced the time yet, it means that this year may indeed be delayed by a few weeks-just as Apple revealed in its earnings report.

When can I buy the iPhone 12?

The epidemic has caused problems in Apple’s supply chain. Many people believe that this has interfered with the new iPhone shipment plan. Indeed, in its earnings conference call, Apple’s leadership also mentioned a few weeks of delay, but there was no clear time.

As for when the new product will go on sale, it depends on the time of the press conference. Prosser believes that Apple may divide the release into two release phases. The mid-level iPhone 12 model will be pre-ordered in the week of October 19, followed by the November ” Professional Edition”. ——This is later than originally expected.

DigiTimes, a media that pays attention to the industry chain, also proposed a two-stage release in its report released on August 3, but they believe that it will release two 6.1-inch models first, and then the flagship version with 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch screens. The report also claimed that all new products will be shipped two to four weeks later than before .

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How many iPhone 12 models or screen sizes are there?

Many news channels have confirmed that this generation of iPhone has four models, divided into two grades, Pro and non-Pro. The non-Pro series will include iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max, which will be equipped with 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch displays, respectively, while the Pro series will be iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max models with 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches screen.

iphone 12

Is there one for the Pro and non-Pro series?

Just like the current iPhone 11 generation, the two series will obviously differ in several ways, and the screen is one of them. Although the entire system is expected to be OLED, there are rumors that the Pro model has a better screen, with “Super Retina XDR”, 120Hz ProMotion dynamic refresh and 10-bit color depth. In theory, this means that the Pro model will be able to display a larger color display range than the non-Pro version and better HDR video performance.

The screenshots and videos taken by Jon Prosser in late August show that the ProMotion function has been included in the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Users can manually enable or disable the “high refresh rate” and “adaptive refresh rate”.

A14 chip improvement

The release of new iPhone models usually includes the latest chip designed by Apple, and the iPhone 12 should continue to follow this. After the A13 Bionic, Apple is likely to choose the name “A14”.

Early rumors pointed out that Apple will use chip partner TSMC (TSMC) 5nm process, may also use 6nm process to make chips, the former is more likely. TSMC has begun mass production using its 5nm process in the second quarter of 2020.

A14 chip RAM part

A14 chip RAM part

In July, a series of images posted on Twitter exposed the traces of the Apple A14 chip (actually it is only the RAM part of the chip). It did not provide any real details about the chip’s performance except for the name displayed on the top of the chip. The date “2016” on the chip refers to the 16th week of 2020, which indicates that the chip was produced in April.

In August, TSMC detailed the performance and power improvements of the 5nm manufacturing process at its press conference. Compared with the N7 process used in A13, N5 claims to provide a 15% performance improvement under the same energy consumption, or 30% power efficiency improvement while maintaining the same performance level.

Foreign media EverythingApplePro and Max Weinbach said in a video released in June that the A14 will triple the 8.5 billion transistors compared to the A13, reaching 15 billion.

iphone 12

3D printed machine model from Japanese website

The screenshots released by Jon Prosser in August support this, and its setting text indicates that 4K video can be recorded at 120 or 240fps. In the same leak, the switching of “enhanced night mode”, “zoom function”, “bit depth video” and “advanced noise reduction” was also mentioned.

Back in March, well-known analyst Ming-Chi Guo said that the camera array in the iPhone 12 has 7P lenses instead of 6P. Used to improve the optical performance of photos and videos.

There are reports that Apple will borrow the concept of iPad Pro and add LiDAR lidar system to iPhone Pro models. LiDAR scanners can generate depth maps, which can help iPad create more detailed image depth maps.

Apple’s plans for some additional features for LiDAR in the iPhone are very likely to improve the photographic effect. The TrueDepth camera array on the front uses a depth map as part of its portrait mode, and the depth map on the back may be used as an aid.

The bangs may be smaller

An early image released by the whistleblower Ben Geskin in September 2019 shows that the iPhone prototype is equipped with a TrueDepth original depth lens array in the top frame, eliminating the need to slot on the display. Geskin’s image echoes another letter from Mig Chi Kuo in July, claiming that the bangs will be reduced in size or completely removed.

iphone 12

Will the bangs be smaller?

In April, an image from the Twitter leaker “choco_bit” indicated that the gap may be much smaller, but it has not completely disappeared. Jon Prosser’s other images of the month also include a CAD drawing, which also shows a smaller gap.

But we are more aware that the gap in the bangs is basically the same as the current version.

Does iPhone 12 have a 5G connection?

It is generally believed that one of the significant changes to the iPhone 12 series that will be launched this year is the support for 5G mobile networks. Apple and Qualcomm signed an agreement to solve the problem of insufficient 5G chip capabilities, but the main problem is the implementation of 5G in the new machine.

As 5G currently has two main technical standards, namely sub-6Ghz and mmWave millimeter wave technology, the former has a strong and wide coverage, while the high-speed connection with the latter may be weak.

Qualcomm 5G chip

Qualcomm 5G chip related

JP Morgan analysts said in December that all models will support 5G below 6GHz, but only the top version will support mmWave.

To offset the cost of 5G components, TrendForce speculates that Apple will provide new models with fewer accessories to reduce costs. This is the news that the controversial Apple will cancel the charging head and earphones.

What will the iPhone 12 look like?

Most rumors point out that Apple has borrowed the design language of the iPad Pro series for the iPhone 12 series.

In April, a Bloomberg source said that a tougher side was used and stainless steel edges were used instead of the current curved surface. The design will echo the design of iPhone 4 or 5.

This is probably the most noticeable place, and the most obvious change in the iPhone in recent years. It allowed Mac Otakara and other media to make new machine models. There are even many third-party manufacturers that have already demonstrated iPhone 12 mobile phone cases in advance.

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Other changes in iPhone 12

The memory of the iPhone 12 Pro series is considered to be higher and will reach 6GB. Non-Pro storage space will also increase, adding 512GB to the 128GB and 256GB capacities.

It is reported that this year Apple may eliminate the Lightning interface from the iPhone series and switch to USB-C, although some people say that this may happen in 2021 instead of 2020-we also think that USB-C will not be used this year. C.

Finally, in order to help people use wireless charging correctly, Apple may include a magnet on the back of the case to help attach the iPhone to the charging position more conveniently, just like the current Apple Watch.

What is the price of iPhone 12?

As for the listing price of the new model, the 128GB and 256GB models of the iPhone 12 are 649 dollars and 749 dollars, respectively, and the iPhone 12 Max is 749 dollars and 849 dollars respectively.

As for the Pro model, the iPhone 12 Pro is priced at $999 for 128GB storage, $1,099 for 256GB and $1,299 for 512GB. It is said that depending on the capacity, the price of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is even higher, at US$1,099, US$1,199 and US$1399, respectively.


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