How to Hack YouTube SEO – Top Results 2020

How to Hack YouTube SEO – Top Results 2020

Hack YouTube SEO

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Hack YouTube SEO: At the point when you consider SEO, you presumably consider Google.

It’s straightforward why. Google is the most impressive web crawler, period.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s the main internet searcher.

Despite the fact that no web crawler coordinates the sheer size of Google, there are some that opponent Google’s value.

I’ll even go on record saying that some web crawlers can be more remarkable than Google. (Wheeze!)

Not as large, no. Not as famous. Be that as it may, in the event that you tap into other web indexes, you can help your hunt nearness and changes.

It resembles this. Less famous web crawlers fill explicit jobs. For instance, on the off chance that you do Bing SEO, you can contact a crowd of people you can’t reach on Google.

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On the off chance that you overlook other web crawlers, you’re doing your business a damage.

Today, I need to discuss YouTube.

It may appear to be peculiar to consider YouTube an internet searcher, however when you consider it, that is actually what it is.

In particular, it’s a web search tool for recordings.

The whole site is driven by a pursuit bar that is right in the center of the page. It’s like Google’s video indexed lists.

Since YouTube is its own web search tool, it has its own SEO best practices.

Much the same as you need to get your site high up on the SERPs, you need to get your recordings high up on the YouTube SERPs.

YouTube SEO is somewhat not quite the same as ordinary SEO, and it may take a short time to become accustomed to.

To help make it simple for you, I’ve made a rundown of procedures that will give you the perceivability you need on YouTube.

1. Find video keywords

Keywords for YouTube are somewhat unique in relation to watchwords that show up on web crawlers like Google or Bing.

For instance, you’ll frequently observe YouTube watchwords that start with “how to.”

Brian Dean prescribes utilizing Google to look for changed catchphrases in your specialty. At that point, check whether any watchwords raise video results.

For instance, on the off chance that you look for “how to make crusty fruit-filled treat,” you’ll see a huge amount of video results, and at any rate one is from YouTube.

2. Optimize your video title

You know how you always optimize your headlines for written content? The same goes for YouTube.
You want to include your focus keyword in your video title, and you should also solve a problem with your title.

3. Optimize your tags

Tagging is one of the best SEO features that YouTube provides.

Tagging allows you to enter relevant keywords that help your videos get more views.

Use tags that are super relevant to your topic.

This is a perfect opportunity to use LSI keywords that are related to your focus keyword.

Don’t use too many tags. Around 10 to 12 are enough.

4. Tell people to comment

If your videos get a lot of comments, that tells YouTube your videos are popular.

Just like Google, YouTube prioritizes content that’s popular. Comments are one of the metrics YouTube uses to decide what people like the most.

It’s a good idea to end your video with a question to get a discussion started.

5. Encourage people to subscribe

Subscribing is a big deal on YouTube.

It’s one of the factors YouTube’s algorithms use to rank videos.

Liking or commenting on a video is a one-time action, but subscribing means that people will see your content on a regular basis.

For YouTube, that’s a giant factor that reflects the amount of value you provide.

Pro tip: Many YouTubers ask people to like, comment, and subscribe all at once. However, if you prioritize one of those metrics, focus on encouraging subscriptions.

6. Step up the production value

This article is about YouTube SEO. But like any SEO method, there’s a huge quality component to it.

I’ve said before that SEO is essentially user optimization. So, I want to give you a few pointers on increasing video quality which will in turn increase search performance.

I get that not everyone can afford a pro-level studio setup.

But that doesn’t mean your video quality has to take a hit.

Most of us have smartphones that are capable of recording video, and that’s good enough to get started.

Seriously, your iPhone and Android devices are pretty much all you need.

7. Make an eye-catching thumbnail

Your video thumbnail isn’t a ranking factor that YouTube uses directly, but it still has a huge impact on your SEO.

A good thumbnail means more clicks, and that means better SEO.

Make sure your thumbnail stands out and tells viewers what your video is all about.

Many people will view videos just from looking at the thumbnails, so don’t skip this step.

8. Edit your filename

This is one of those tricks that may or may not dramatically impact your SEO, but it’s nevertheless important to do.

The idea is to rename your raw file so that it reflects your title or your focus keyword.

So for example, your file may default to a name like “20170613.mp4.”

But if you rename it and use your focus keyword (e.g., “how_to_use_hello_bar.mp4”), you’ll tell YouTube what your video is about.

9. Build links to your channel, not just your videos

For the best YouTube SEO, you want to get links to both your channel and your individual videos.

These inbound channel links basically tell YouTube that you’re an authority in your niche.

Keep this point in mind as I show you how to get links in the next few steps.

10. Share on social media

Here, the concept is simple, and probably a bit obvious.

But it’s an important point.

Today’s web is social. YouTube is a social channel. And to maximize YouTube visibility and SEO, you need to share your videos on every

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