How To Make money with eBay all in one Tricks 2020

How To Make money with eBay all in one Tricks 2020


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Why sell on eBay?

eBay is the largest online marketplace. That’s number one but also it’s so easy to sell on eBay because it is meant for people who are new to selling online. The fees are also exceptionally low compared to setting up a brick and mortar store. There are also lots of affiliated products and tools that help you sell more efficiently on eBay.

eBay selling basics 

1.Sign up to eBay and Paypal

2.Get acquainted with eBay

To sell successfully on eBay you need to know all about eBay and the actual cost of selling on eBay. To many people think their item will sell each time

they list it and only account for the cost of listing the item once in each sale

as a result they end up with tiny 5-10% profit margins. In the top right of the

eBay home page there is the help link if you click on it, you will be taken to a page that has many topics on it if you don’t already have a good knowledge of each of these then you need to read the articles on each of these topics.

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3. Gain a good reputation

Now that you have your own eBay account and know your way around eBay. It’s time to build some feedback as I am sure you will have noticed that each user has a feedback rating. For you to start selling on eBay you need to build a positive feedback rating. The best way to do this is to buy, I know you don’t want t o spend money on things you don’t need so simply buy some essentials to start your eBay business like shipping supplies and some relevant supplies to the product you plan to sell. I highly recommend a personalized thank you and some sort of flyer to be included with your product when you ship it to the customer so why not get them from eBay.

4. It’s time to sell!!!

Don’t worry you don’t need to have a product already but if you do that’s great. Start by selling some stuff from around the house. But remember you want to build a good reputation so don’t sell junk.

Top ten tips for selling on eBay

1. Systemize

You have to systemize as eBay can be a slow site to navigate around I use turbo lister 2 to create store and relist my auctions download turbo lister here

2. Misspell

People often misspell their searches when they want to look for your products. I use to search for misspelled eBay items. So when you put in the incorrect spelling in your title you will rank high for people who search with the incorrect spelling.

3. Write titles that sell

By titles that sell I don’t mean having the word fantastic or wonderful in your title I mean if you have something unique with your product that will catch people’s attention use it in your title. If you sell a generic product, be sure to use all 55 characters provided to you by eBay and use words that people search for e.g. a particular brand.

4. Write killer descriptions

The buyer can’t feel, see, hear, taste or smell the product so describe the product fully and tell your potential buyer about the feelings you have when you use the product. Never stop writing unless there is nothing more to say and just because you think that people know what seems obvious information to you doesn’t mean they do, it never hurts to add more information. What if somebody is looking to buy a present and know nothing about the product those few lines could be the difference between a sale and no sale.

5. Provide a call to action

You often hear the term, call to action when talking to somebody about marketing, well that’s what attempting to sell your product is, marketing. You need to give people a reason to buy from you now. You want people to feel like they have to buy it now or they will miss out. The chances are if people don’t place a bid the first time they see your item they won’t be coming back. Use phrases like: while stocks last and bid now to get people to bid on your product now.

6. Have a unique selling point

Why should people buy from you? To sell products you need to have a unique selling point or USP for short. This is especially true when talking about an online business, why shouldn’t people simply go to a regular store instead of buying from you. Maybe there is something special about your product like it’s a limited edition, maybe you are going to offer something extra like free shipping or a superior service where you answer any questions within 2 hours or ship within 2 hours. Maybe your USP is that people can’t get your product anywhere else which leads me on to my next point.

7. Sell a niche product

A niche product is a product that sells to a very specific group for example:


-Baby toys

-Rocking horses

-Hand crafted rocking horses (niche product)

The reason niche products sell so well online is that you often can’t get them in a regular store because when running a brick and mortar store you can only sell to those in a specific area near you and there may not be enough interest in hand crafted rocking horses in that area to justify a shop stocking them but when you can sell to the whole world online no market is too small for a new online business.

8. Say thank you

Always include a thank you with your shipped product, of course when saying thank you, be sure to advertise your eBay auctions and include a call to action like if you purchase again in a week you get free shipping on any order, make sure this call to action is within a short time frame otherwise it will be forgotten about. Why not include a business card or little message make sure you refer the customers back to your shop with these notes. If you sell a real high end product you could include a personalised pen.

9. Advertise using loss leaders

Loss leaders are products that you sell at a loss to draw people into your store. Big supermarkets often use them and advertise them to bring in hoards of people all looking to get a bargain only to buy the rest of the groceries. Although they are called loss leaders I never sell mine at a loss I always aim to break even after all costs. This method works best if you have your own eBay store ebay pro stores which I highly recommend.

10. Have an eBay store

eBay stores are relatively inexpensive and come with some great benefits:

– reduced insertion fees

– send out newsletters

– more repeat business because you now have a brand that people will remember

– 75% of store owners say their sales increased as a result of eBay stores

– eBay will submit you to the major search engines

– you can promote your store like a website using search engine optimization Get your eBay store now ebay pro stores And a bonus tip

11. Up sell

If you are selling a low cost item include a link to you’re my world eBay page in the description and tell your potential customer to go to the product you want to sell more of and buy it. But you need to tell the potential customer why they need to buy it so because they are interested in a low cost item include it free with their large purchase. If you simply want them to buy in greater quantities then tell them how much they will save in shipping. This technique can increase your profits massively.

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How to create a successful eBay listing

1. Item description

You must write a clear, informative and lengthy item description. Always be truthful in your description and include in your description any defects with the product. Look at one of the sample items I found on eBay in advanced eBay selling for one great and one terrible description.

2. A good picture

As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words and that is certainly true with selling online because the customer can no longer feel or see the item themselves so they need your picture and description to replace that experience.

3. Reasonable shipping

The thing buyers hate most is finding a great deal but realizing shipping is going to cost them an arm and a leg. I find the most successful listings for the buyer and the seller charge for the full cost of the shipping + the packaging materials. The other option is to give free shipping as eBay favours this but only do so if you can afford this and still have a healthy profit margin. You could always include some of the cost of the shipping in the item price and then offer free shipping.

4. Price

Yes I rate price at number 4 because contrary to what you have probably heard is that price isn’t that important. of course you need to be competitive but if you look professional, take a good picture, describe your item well and charge reasonably for shipping then you can often sell for far more than the other sellers. This is because people still aren’t that confident buying online and when you promise to offer a professional service and back that up by looking professional then people are willing to pay more for that confidence.

Increase your eBay sales

Here’s a sample eBay listing

Sold Vs Unsold

Sold €21.99

20 Used titleist pro v 1 prov1 pro v1 Golf Balls

Why pay massive prices for new balls when you can hardly notice a difference in performance of used balls that can be 25% of the price. Yep that’s right you can save up to 75%. Grade 3 or A grade: Balls may have some scuffs and club marks. Golf balls may be off-white with some discoloration. Logo’s, personal marks and club marks may be present. No cuts. May contain x-out, practice balls and balls previously refinished. The Titleist Pro V1 golf balls are the #1 choice on worldwide tours and are designed for serious golfers with a wide range of launch conditions seeking Tour-level technology and Tour-proven performance.

The new Titleist Pro V1 golf ball provides improved launch conditions for longer distance while maintaining superior Drop-and-Stop performance into and around the green. It is mainly pro v1 but may contain 1x. If you want to save a ton on postage look at my other items on my eBay page just click bellow or copy into your URL or take the link in the top right corner of this page in seller info*********/ and choose larger quantities. You can save up to €38 on postage. Check out my fantastic feedback and enjoy. “Very quick delivery, would recommend and use again” 20 Used Titleist ProV Golf Balls “Would do business again top class ebayer” 50 Used Titleist ProV1 Golf Balls no reserve

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