Most Useful Websites For Students And People 2020

Most Useful Websites For Students And People 2020

Most Useful Websites For Students And People

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Most Useful Websites For Students And People:-Hello Friends, today i will talk about some of the Internet’s useful websites that you should use.

You will find millions of websites in the internet, but which of those websites is useful for us, it is difficult to find out. But in this article, I will tell you about some of the websites that are useful to you. Which is very important for every computer and internet users, students, employees and programmers.

You should know about all these websites. This website can work for you at any time, then you can read this article fully.

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Most Useful Websites:-

This website is very useful for internet users and student. If you have to download a PDF of any book or any other thing, you can easily download it from this website. And you can download it for free.

You will find many PDF in this website. And you can download that PDF for free. If you want to download PDF of excel short-cut keys then simply search this topic and then you can download it. All new book’s PDFs are also available in this


This website is very important for those people who are interested in photography. You might have seen somewhere that when you take a photo, there is some unhealthy thing in the background. And in this website you can remove your photo’s background easily.

If you want to remove the background of photos, you can use Photoshop or any such application, but it takes more time. But in this website you can remove it by single click.

Just upload the photo that you want to remove that photo’s background to this website and within a few seconds the background will be deleted from your photos. your photos will  not be stored on this website. So don’t worry. And this website is free to use. And you can easily use this website.

Most Useful Websites For Students,


Best websites to learn programming | This website is useful for students and programmers. If you want to learn programming languages then you can learn these languages in this website. And it is free to learn, no need to pay fees.

Many other websites are available on the Internet. But this website is most popular to learn programming. And all programming language’s course and PDFs are available in this website such as HTML, CSS, c, c++, Java, python etc… 

You can also do practices in this website along with theories. And you can develop your programming skills. I am using this website it is very useful.

4. and

Best site to download free images| This websites are very useful for bloggers and Youtubers. When you write post on your website or make a video for youtube then you need some copyright free images. 

So you can download that image in this website and it is free to download images. All images those are available in this website are copyright free and you can use it on your website or in your website.

Simply open this website and search your topic that is related to image. And download that image free. And all images are 100℅ copyright free. 

If you have not blog then read this,

5. is very useful for all person not only for students. is the questions or answer type forum website. In this website you can ask your query or questions and you will get answers in this website. You can ask questions about any topic such as education, business, health, study, global etc…

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And also you can write answers if you know. And you can read other questions and its answers and improve your knowledge. Quora has million questions and its answers. It is easy to use and this website is used by many people.


Friends, you all are know about Wikipedia. Wikipedia is the most used and popular website in the internet. In Wikipedia thousands of article are available. 

and also biography of famous person, books, celebrity, health and education related articles are available there. You can share your articles about any topic that helpful for people and knowledgeable in Wikipedia. 

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