Google Let Domain Expire, Now It’s Up for Sale 2020

Google Let Domain Expire, Now It’s Up for Sale 2020

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Google had allowed its domain to expire back in June and it’s now up for sale. The search giant implemented a feature back in 2012 that redirects Blogger blogs to region specific blogspot URLs depending upon where the link is being accessed from, and was one of them. To keep the URL up and running, domain holders – in this case Google – need to pay a registration fee to renew their ownership of the domain. But, Google let it lapse and now the domain is up for sale for just $5,999. The domain contains more than 40 lakh old URLs that stopped working when Google’s ownership lapsed.

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When a user from a certain country tried to access a Blogger entry, the country specific URL opened on the user’s browser. This was implemented by Google in 2012 to “comply with content take-down requests more quickly”, as per a report by BleepingComputer. But, about two years ago, Google stopped redirecting to country specific URLs, one of which was This domain contains 44 lakh links that Google was maintaining up till June this year, when it let its registration lapse.

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As per the report, the area was purchased by an Indian organization called on June 24 and is currently being sold for $5,999 on the Sedo space marketplace.This could be abused to spread malware, tricks, or dark cap SEO rehearses, the distribution noted.

Nonetheless, note that the Blogger locales themselves are as yet dynamic and working like they should. On the off chance that you made a Blogger blog it will at present keep on filling in as usual — the main issue is the old connections that were made utilizing the .in pages. On the off chance that you scan for a blog today, you’ll get the right outcome on Google, however in the event that somebody connected to a blog entry before, and utilized the .in interface, that will not work anymore.

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