Realme Buds Q Review 2020

Realme Buds Q Review 2020

Realme Buds Q

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90 / 100

Realme has made some amazing progress in an exceptionally brief timeframe with its sound items. The range, presently six items solid, incorporates wired headphones, remote accessory headphones, and genuine remote earbuds. These have been propelled in pretty much year and a half. Speaking explicitly about obvious remote headphones, Realme has now propelled its third such headset, the Realme Buds Q. At Rs. 1,999, this is the most reasonable pair of genuine remote headphones from Realme yet, and furthermore the first from the organization with an in-channel fit.

Situated to take on the Redmi Earbuds S and even the accessory style OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z, the Realme Buds Q is the littlest and lightest yet from the organization. With present day details and plan, and a guarantee of skilled execution at the cost, is the Realme Buds Q the most noteworthy item in Realme’s actual remote range yet? Discover in our audit.

The Realme Buds Q earphones weigh just 3.6g
Realme Buds Q

I thought the 4.1g load of every one of the Redmi Earbuds S earpieces was amazing, however inconceivably enough, Realme has figured out how to make the Buds Q significantly lighter. At simply 3.6g each, the Realme Buds Q could scarcely be felt in my ears, and was truly agreeable subsequently. The in-channel fit and little size of the headphones helped too, giving them satisfactory aloof commotion segregation and a for the most part non-annoying fit.

The headphones have been planned in a joint effort with famous architect Jose Levy. The headphones and charging case both take after stones, and are accessible in three shading alternatives – dark, white, and yellow. I very enjoyed the downplayed class of the dark variation that was sent for audit, and I was likewise satisfied with the trace of Realme’s trademark shade of yellow that is noticeable within the included ear tips. The case has an attractive top and there’s a Micro-USB port for charging at the back. It’s very minimal, and fits in my pocket without any problem.

In contrast to other spending alternatives, the Realme Buds Q has contact touchy controls on every headphone. Be that as it may, these didn’t function admirably at all for me. The touch zones are excessively little, and weren’t anything but difficult to find when I was wearing the headphones. In any event, when I immovably tapped either zone, it didn’t generally react. It regularly arrived at where I’d simply get my cell phone to control playback or to get calls, and this is a significant inadequacy for the Realme Buds Q.

The controls are customisable through the Realme Link application, and you can likewise conjure the voice collaborator on your cell phone or flip the low-inactivity gaming mode utilizing these signals – when they work, obviously. The application likewise lets you see harsh battery levels for every one of the headphones (in 10-percent increases).

While we as a rule see some type of status and battery level pointers on either the headphones or the accusing instance of most spending genuine remote choices, the Realme Buds Q has none. The best way to know the earbuds are turned on is through sound prompts, and you’ll need to depend on your cell phone to disclose to you how much force you have left. You’ll possibly realize that the case is out of intensity when the headphones don’t get completely energized. This isn’t frightfully badly arranged, however it is a downside that accompanies the cost.

The Realme Buds Q bolsters the SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs, which is noteworthy at the cost and structure factor. The headset has 10mm unique drivers, and utilizations Bluetooth 5 for network. The headphones are IPX4 appraised for water opposition. There’s likewise a low-inertness gaming mode, which is said to lessen dormancy to around 119ms.

I had the option to get around 3.5 long stretches of utilization from the headphones at higher volumes and with blended use. The case included another four charges for around 14 hours of all out use per charge cycle. This isn’t especially acceptable, however it’s totally worthy given the Rs. 1,999 sticker price of the Realme Buds Q.

Improved sound quality on the Realme Buds Q

Realme Buds Q

The Realme Buds Air and Realme Buds Air Neo are highlight filled genuine remote headphones that get a ton directly at the cost, however stable quality hasn’t been a solid point for the organization up to this point. With the Realme Buds Q, things are unique. Sound quality is somewhat better as I would see it, and the headphones at long last stable like they ought to at the cost, helped along by AAC codec support and the in-waterway plan.

Beginning with Mere Gully Mein from the Gully Boy soundtrack with the volume turned up, the sound was spotless and a lot gentler on the faculties than what we encountered with the Buds Air and Buds Air Neo. The sonic mark and tuning see a few upgrades, and the sound is much increasingly adjusted and uniform subsequently. There’s as yet a recognizable bass knock and a clear drop-off in the mid-run, yet the sound seemed to be more determined and tight than forceful.

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There’s additionally a decent lot of detail to be heard, especially in a portion of the more one of a kind Indian society instruments utilized toward the beginning of this hip-jump track. At the point when the bass snare kicked in, it took over the track true to form, however there was consistently a not too bad degree of detail to be heard in the gentler components of the track. The rap portions by Ranveer Singh certainly sounded somewhat gentler than we’d have enjoyed given that they are significant pieces of the track, however the drop-off wasn’t sufficiently generous to remove anything from the character of the track.

In spite of the fact that the headphones do sound useful at the cost, the Realme Buds Q isn’t a stand-apart entertainer in the class. Sound isn’t exactly as driven and direct as on the also valued OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z, so purchasers searching for sound quality ought to consider accessory style headphones for their better sonic capacities.

The Realme Buds Q sound their best at around the 90 percent volume level. Going to full volume makes the sound somewhat sharp, while diminishing the volume detracts from everything with the exception of the lows. Tuning in to All Of The Lights by Brasstracks, the saxophone riffs sounded sharp and horrendous at the most extreme volume, and excessively dull at anything beneath the 80 percent level.

This inflexibility as far as choosing the correct volume may be annoying for some, especially in case you’re accustomed to tuning in at lower volumes or need to have some capacity to hear your environmental factors. All things considered, even at the 90 percent volume level, the Realme Buds Q wasn’t as uproarious as would have been the situation on most other moderate genuine remote headphones.

The Realme Buds Q was truly acceptable as a without hands headset, excepting the issue with the touch sensor that implied that I for the most part needed to answer the consider utilizing my cell phone. I could hear and be heard obviously, and had the option to have meaningful discussions utilizing the Buds Q without numerous occasions of difficulty. The low-dormancy mode for gaming worked precisely as it did on the Realme Buds Air Neo; there was a slight decrease in sound quality, with a comparable improvement in inactivity. In any case, that despite everything left a discernible postponement. In case you’re a portable gamer, don’t go discarding your wired headphones at this time.


Strikingly enough, Realme’s most reasonable genuine remote headset likewise conveys the best solid, and I don’t signify ‘at the cost’. At Rs. 1,999, the Realme Buds Q is a superior alternative than the Realme Buds Air and Buds Air Neo with regards to sound quality. The low weight and straightforward structure likewise function admirably for this pair of headphones. Better than average execution on calls is a special reward.

There are unquestionably a few issues with the motion controls, and sound quality isn’t exactly as amazing as on the correspondingly valued OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z. In any case, you do in any case need to pay a slight premium for genuine remote headphones, and the Realme Buds Q offers as much as is conceivable thinking about that. It’s a near disaster between the Realme Buds Q and the Redmi Earbuds S, however the Buds Q pretty much edges past as far as sound quality. It’s unquestionably worth considering in case you’re hoping to purchase a couple of genuine remote headphones at the present time however need to spend as meager as could be expected under the circumstances.

Value: Rs. 1,999


  • Very light, looks good
  • AAC codec support
  • App for function customisation, battery levels
  • Gentle, calculated sound
  • Decent call quality


  • Gesture controls don’t work well
  • Doesn’t sound too good at low volumes
  • No indicator lights on the earphones
  • Average battery life

Ratings (out of 5)

  • Design/ comfort: 4
  • Audio quality: 3
  • Battery life: 3
  • Value for money: 4.5
  • Overall: 3.5

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