TCL 55C715 4K QLED Android TV Review

TCL 55C715 4K QLED Android TV Review

TCL 55C715 4K QLED Android TV Review

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Most TVs nowadays use LED-illuminated LCD boards, which are the most widely recognized and reasonably evaluated of all the various sorts of TV screens, yet the impediments of the innovation can keep them down with regards to execution. For purchasers taking a gander at an increasingly premium review understanding, OLED is our typical suggestion. In any case, OLED TVs are over the top expensive, and generally out of most purchasers’ financial plans. Luckily, there is presently a center ground – QLED, or Quantum Dot LED TVs. These TVs attempt to overcome any barrier among LED and OLED by offering a supported LED understanding of sorts.

In spite of the fact that QLED TVs have so far been costly, late dispatches from Samsung and OnePlus have made this screen tech considerably more sensibly evaluated than previously. Following in this pattern currently is TCL, with the C715 arrangement. The organization has a solid nearness in the reasonable space in India, and is currently hoping to make advances into increasingly premium portions with its most recent TV go. This comes not long after the dispatch of its P715 arrangement in India.

TCL P715 4K Android TV

Today, we’re assessing the 55-inch TCL 55C715 TV, which is valued at Rs. 55,990. This 4K QLED TV accompanies support for Dolby Vision, and guarantees a superior review understanding at a cost that is only an indication higher than what numerous well known 55-inch LED TVs go for. Is it worth knocking your financial plan up a piece for the TCL 55C715? Discover in our survey.

TCL 55C715 plan and determinations

TCL 55C715 4K QLED Android TV

We got the 55-inch variation of the TCL C715 arrangement for survey; this is a mainstream size for premium TVs, and one that we actually feel is perfect for most homes. The TCL 55C715 is enormous, however not very large; on the off chance that you would incline toward an alternate size, the organization likewise has 50-inch and 65-inch models accessible in this range.

The TV looks great gratitude to a metal casing around the screen. Despite the fact that the bezels are just about equivalent to we’d see on most 55-inch TVs, the manner in which this TV is planned causes the outskirts to show up smaller. There’s a TCL logo on the metal jaw at the base, and a texture wrapped module just underneath that holds the IR recipient and marker lights. The rear of the TCL 55C715 is plain dark plastic; while it’s thin close to the edges, it gets impressively thicker at the middle and base.

All the ports on the TCL 55C715 face to one side of the screen, while the force attachment is on the left. The TV is well prepared, with three HDMI ports, two USB ports, a LAN port, an Antenna In attachment, computerized sound out (Optical), a solitary AV-In attachment which can be utilized with a connector, and a 3.5mm sound out attachment for earphones or speakers. You can, obviously, associate the TV to the Internet utilizing Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and 5GHz, and HDMI ARC is bolstered on the HDMI 1 port. The ports and attachments were anything but difficult to access for us.

The TV accompanies remains in the container to table-mount it, yet it is conceivable to divider mount the TV also. In spite of the fact that there wasn’t a divider mount pack included with our audit unit, we had the option to utilize a standard VESA divider mount unit that we had. A fairly mindful touch from TCL in such manner was including the screws to append the necessary section at the rear of the TV itself, which made it simple for us to divider mount the TV ourselves.

The TCL 55C715 has a 55-inch Ultra-HD (3840×2160 pixels) QLED screen, and supports high unique range content up to the Dolby Vision standard. There is additionally nearby darkening, with 1,296 zones to take into consideration powerful diminishing of darker zones on the screen. For sound, there is a base terminating double speaker framework with 30W of yield, and sound arrangements up to the Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD positions are bolstered. The TV has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of in-constructed capacity for applications and games, and is fueled by a 64-piece quad-center processor.

TCL 55C715 remote and highlights

TCL 55C715 4K QLED Android TV

While we’ve commonly just observed sans hands voice controls on premium TVs, for example, the Sony A9G, TCL has been offering this element even on its moderate reaches. It’s accessible on the TCL 55C715, and the TV is continually tuning in for a ‘wake word’ voice order – “alright Google” or “Hello Google”. This lets you get to Google Assistant with just your voice, like how brilliant speakers, for example, the Google Home work. You can handicap this with a little physical switch at the base right corner of the TV.

Voice control functioned admirably for us, and we had the option to offer guidelines to Google Assistant for capacities past what is on the TV, for example, setting updates and clocks. Obviously, we could likewise demand data or ask Google Assistant to open explicit applications or substance on the TV itself.

On the off chance that you decide to keep the in-fabricated receiver off, you can even now utilize Google Assistant through the remote, which has its own catch and mouthpiece. The Bluetooth remote, which runs on AAA batteries, additionally has a hotkey for Netflix and a catch to begin the TCL launcher. Aside from this, there are the standard catches to modify the volume, get to settings and change the source, Android TV keys, and a D-cushion to explore the interface.

The main striking exclusion here is a quiet catch; you’ll need to hold the volume down key to diminish the volume to zero if necessary. It’s a helpful and conservative remote, however we experienced some matching issues with it, for instance it lost its Bluetooth blending with the TV on several events, and worked just utilizing the IR producer. Be that as it may, the matching procedure is simple and snappy enough, so this was just a little bother.

TCL 55C715 programming and interface

For our survey, we got a pre-discharge unit of the TCL 55C715 which had a couple of basic programming issues, including a non-practical Amazon Prime Video application and volume that was excessively low even at the greatest level. Notwithstanding, the vast majority of the issues we had were fixed through a product update, and the organization has guaranteed us that retail units will transport with the refreshed programming.

Till as of late, most brilliant TV producers built up their own product interfaces dependent on Android or Linux structures, yet we’ve seen numerous makers presently go with authentic Android TV. The TCL 55C715 formally runs Android TV 9 Pie, yet this isn’t exactly the stock adaptation we’ve seen on TVs from brands, for example, Sony and Vu. There are a few changes, including the TCL launcher, and some workarounds with regards to explicit applications. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are preinstalled on the TV.

The Google Play store is available and we had the option to introduce a portion of our standard applications, yet we saw that Amazon Prime Video wasn’t recorded despite the fact that it’s preinstalled, for no good reason.

The TCL Launcher is a great deal like Xiaomi’s PatchWall interface, in that it advances content as opposed to applications. Be that as it may, we saw the substance curation as unusual and arbitrary, with a great deal an excessive amount of territorial substance in different Indian dialects, which couldn’t in any way, shape or form all be applicable to everybody. The TCL Launcher is likewise very delayed to stack and explore around, and depends on memberships to paid administrations to get quite a bit of its substance. We prescribe adhering to the Android TV interface with the TCL 55C715.

Regardless of the product update that we got, there were still a few issues with the TV. The most noteworthy of these was languor; the TCL 55C715 would as a rule require a long time to open applications, for example, Netflix and YouTube, and we at times observed long postponements between us squeezing a catch on the remote and the TV reacting. While fundamental capacities, for example, changing the volume or route were sufficiently speedy, the hotkeys, Google Assistant catch, and source determination catches’ capacities frequently took two or three seconds to be completed. The TV has a brisk boot mode that worked fine, however we saw that it would back off and get carriage like clockwork, and would require a full reboot to fix those issues.

TCL 55C715 execution

While there are a few misses with the TCL 55C715 at dispatch opportunity with regards to the product, the TV compensates for this with execution. The advantages of the QLED screen are obvious as it so happens, and the TV offers a respectable all-round survey involvement in a wide range of substance. We clearly delighted in viewing Ultra-HD Dolby Vision content on the 55C715 the most, yet we were similarly intrigued with how the TV took care of lower goals content up to full-HD.

We utilized the TCL 55C715’s Android TV applications to stream content during our audit, and furthermore tried the TV with our assortment of test video cuts. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video on the TV had the option to stream in 4K and Dolby Vision or HDR10 individually, and we likewise utilized different administrations, for example, Hotstar, YouTube, YouTube Kids, and the NDTV application to stream news.

As we normally do, we began with Dolby Vision content on the TCL 55C715, including Our Planet and Space Force on Netflix. Dolby Vision typically works best with OLED and QLED TVs due to the better hues and splendor that are conceivable, and that was quickly obvious on the TCL TV. Our Planet looked surprising; the image was splendid, sharp, and fantastically dynamic. The hues were expectedly punchy and engaging, particularly scenes in brilliant light where the sky looked characteristic and life-like.

Playing any Dolby Vision content as a rule alters the image naturally, utilizing one of two Dolby Vision seeing modes to get the brilliance and shading levels directly for the TV. The TCL 55C715 has a comparative setting for HDR10 content also, and we were very intrigued with how the TV performed with The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime Video, just as our example video cuts. Be that as it may, it took some exertion for us to get the shading and splendor settings directly with standard unique range content.

Non-HDR 4K content looked sufficient after some cautious tuning, despite the fact that we found the hues to be a piece too constrained when it came to warm tones, specific skin and shades of earthy colored, as observed during a scene of Better Call Saul. We enjoyed how brilliant the TV was in these cases, yet the zone-explicit splendor of HDR content wasn’t obvious with SDR content.

The TCL 55C715 has small scale diminishing with 1,296 zones, yet we saw this as a piece excessively proactive when set to High. Setting it to a lower level improved the image altogether, taking into consideration more profound blacks in some dim substance, for example, Night On Earth on Netflix. While blacks aren’t exactly as profound as the real pixel-off blacks that we’ve seen on great OLED TVs, the TCL 55C715 came as near precise as a QLED TV can.

Coming to bring down goals content, full-HD was respectable enough as the TCL 55C715 worked admirably of upscaling. Watching scenes of Modern Family and Artemis Fowl on the TCL TV, the image was clearly less noteworthy than with 4K content as a result of the effect of the 55-inch screen size, yet was as yet charming and serenely watchable. Hues and brilliance generally kept up their quality, with just sharpness seeing a normal drop.

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