how to buy second hand mobile

how to buy second hand mobile

how to buy second hand mobile

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In case you’re the nerd type, similar to me, you like possessing the best in class Android cell phone. Lamentably, once in a while our financial plans can impede our objectives, and lead gadgets can cost as much as $1,000 nowadays.

For those of us who are deal looking for our next cell phone, a portion of the typical courses incorporate purchasing a mid-go gadget that despite everything offers a reasonable punch, watching out for deals, and finding an arrangement on a producer repaired handset. In any case, another extraordinary method to score a decent arrangement is by purchasing a pre-owned telephone. Product – Baseus LED Lighting Micro USB Cable 3A Fast Charging Charger Microusb Cable For Samsung Xiaomi Android Mobile Phone Wire Cord 3m Buy Now

I’ve purchased a great deal of utilized gadgets online throughout the years and, as a rule, the experience has been sure.

Utilized. It’s a word that is overloaded by negative undertones — “we’ve utilized it up, it’s not, at this point great”. That is likely why such a large number of retailers that sell utilized items will in general go with “used” to mellow the blow. Terrifying word aside, purchasing a pre-owned telephone doesn’t need to be an awful encounter. I’ve purchased various utilized cell phones online throughout the years, and the experience has been certain pretty much without fail.

Pause… Almost without fail? Indeed, truth is stranger than fiction. I have run into issues in a couple of cases, however I gained from them. Regardless of whether you give the way toward purchasing a pre-owned telephone or tablet due constancy, things can in any case turn out badly — however there are numerous means you can take to bring down the probability of an occurrence, and a reinforcement plan never harms in the occasion you do run into inconvenience.

The tips underneath should help you through the way toward getting a strong utilized cell phone, and keeping in mind that composed fundamentally in view of telephones, most advances ought to likewise apply to tablets. Right away, how about we hop directly in.

  1. Comprehend what you’re searching for

You have to realize what you requirement for before you begin shopping. This doesn’t really mean you have to have a careful model chosen, however.

Start by choosing the base specs you are searching for and the Android variant you’re willing to live with. Additionally consider what screen size will suit your requirements, and the amount you can bear to spend. This should limit your decisions to a bunch of utilized cell phones.

How to realize the amount to spend on an utilized cell phone? Examination!

How would you realize the amount you should pay when purchasing a pre-owned telephone? Examination! Visit Swappa, eBay, Craiglist, Amazon and other comparative sites to look at costs.

Give cautious consideration to the condition, not the middle cost. That scratched up Galaxy S7 Edge on special for $200 on eBay shouldn’t be contrasted with the mint condition Galaxy S7 Edge on Swappa that costs $350. Contrast mints with mints, products to merchandise, and so on.

Make sense of what makes a telephone mint, great, alright, or poor and settle on a base quality you’ll be content with — from that point, you can rapidly make sense of a reasonable cost. Too. ensure the telephones you’re contrasting are either bolted with a similar system or opened, contingent upon what you are searching for.

Need to set aside some cash? Time your purchases with the arrival of the new cycle of the gadget you’re keen on. In the event that your heart wants a pre-owned Galaxy S8, hold up until the Galaxy S9 has been declared — or even better, until it’s been on retail retires for half a month.

  1. Realize where to purchase from

Have a decent handle on what you are searching for and the amount you need to spend? Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to figure where to purchase your pre-owned gadget. There are numerous choices accessible, however I’ll concentrate on those I can vouch for.


Swappa is my total most loved spot to go when searching for an utilized cell phone, or offloading the one I do not need anymore. What makes this site so convincing? It’s simple, there’s less BS to manage and — as long as you are cautious — you likely won’t get cheated.

Swappa expects individuals to confirm that the telephone they are attempting to sell is in their ownership — they need to put a bit of paper with a recognizable proof number close to the gadget when taking pictures.

Swappa likewise works with PayPal, so you could request a discount on the off chance that you do wind up with a telephone that doesn’t meet its portrayal. In any case, this requires some serious energy — I once needed to trust that over a month will get my cash back.

Interesting points…

• Smartphones on Swappa can be more costly than on Craiglist and eBay, likely on the grounds that there is generally less hazard. You’ll need to choose what’s worth more to you: keeping hazard low or getting the best cost.

• Be cautious when purchasing from Swappa dealers that have no stars. The ONE time I did this, the individual never sent the gadget. I’m not saying every one of the one-star venders are trick craftsmen, however those with a few effective deals under their belts are most likely increasingly dependable.


I’ve just purchased three telephones from eBay up until this point. I utilize the site as another option on the off chance that I can’t discover what I’m searching for on Swappa or somewhere else. All things considered, eBay can really be an extraordinary spot to get a pre-owned handset, as it will in general have probably the least expensive evaluating around.

Like Swappa, there’s PayPal security that can assist you with getting your cash back on the off chance that you get misled. Purchasing a pre-owned telephone on eBay is additionally truly simple, as long as you do some exploration on the telephones and merchant before you submit.

Interesting points…

• Check that ESN! Inquire as to whether you’ll have the option to check the ESN autonomously before purchasing. Some will permit it, others won’t. It’s dependent upon you to choose how much hazard you need to take in this circumstance.

• Be cautious when picking a dealer. Ensure they have a decent evaluating and look at what they’ve been selling up until this point. On the off chance that they sold 10,000 Pampered Chef things and this is their first telephone, that may be a warning. You need a dealer that has effectively sold cell phones before and not somebody who by and large represents considerable authority in something different. Why’s that? They should (ideally) realize how to guarantee a decent purchasing experience for their clients.

• Grill them with questions! Get some information about ESN, scratches, equipment harm and whatever else you can consider. On the off chance that their reactions are unclear, request more subtleties. For instance, in the event that you get some information about physical appearance and they state it has “a little scratch on the facade of the screen”, make a point to catch up with “So the back and sides are all scratch free with no imperfections?”

• Make sure you can restore the item to the merchant in case you’re not content with it. In the event that the merchant doesn’t acknowledge returns, you’ll be managing PayPal if things turn out badly.


I’ve just managed Craiglist once up until this point. It worked out positively, yet I’m as yet uncertain about utilizing it for cell phones. The explanation is that you need to make an informed decision on the individual’s posting quality. Furthermore, on the off chance that you meet, you need to rapidly give a valiant effort to pass judgment on the telephone and the individual selling it (obscure individuals will in general sell obscure things).

Interesting points…

• Check the ESN. Additionally make certain to put your own SIM card into the telephone to guarantee everything is working.

• Remember that regardless of whether a telephone works with your SIM card and seems great, it could at present be hailed as taken (or for non-installment) later. That implies you need to make sense of if the individual selling the gadget is straightforward, which is a careful decision that is difficult to make.

• Made a misstep? You’re all alone. There’s no security once the buy is made.

Informal communities and verbal exchange

Ask your loved ones on the off chance that they have — or know anybody that has — a more established telephone they’d part with for inexpensively. Consider a couple of individuals or spread the news you’re searching for an utilized cell phone on Facebook and other informal organizations.

Generally, these kinds of arrangements can give you the least estimating out of any of different choices referenced.

Interesting points…

• While purchasing from an informal organization can be sheltered, it’s significant you believe who you are purchasing from. Stick to “valid” loved ones if conceivable, and not the companion of a companion of a companion. Knowing where they live doesn’t hurt either.

• Made a slip-up? You’re all alone. There’s no assurance once the buy is made.

• Check the ESN. Likewise make certain to put your own SIM card into the telephone to guarantee everything is working.

  1. Meeting the merchant face to face? Here are a couple of tips

Meeting the dealer in person is an incredible alternative that allows you to take a gander at the telephone before you get it, rather than depending on pictures. Before you set the get together, here are a few things to remember:

• Before the gathering, let the merchant realize you’ll need to try out the gadget by embeddings your own SIM, checking on the off chance that it can energize and control, etc. In the event that the vender doesn’t concur with your solicitation, you ought to likely locate an alternate arrangement to seek after.

• Make sure you meet in an open area rather than an obscure rear entryway. It ought to likewise be during the day for both wellbeing reasons and in light of the fact that it makes it simpler to see the telephone.

  1. Examining the telephone

From the outset, this area may appear to apply just to those purchasing a gadget face to face. Notwithstanding, the tips beneath are likewise helpful when you get the telephone via the post office. They will assist you with identifying issues early, so you can either leave the arrangement when purchasing a pre-owned telephone face to face, or start the way toward getting your cash back on the off chance that you previously got it.

Stuff to carry with you for the review:

• A battery pack or a PC, just as a charging link

• A microSD card if the telephone underpins it

• Headphones

• An dynamic SIM card that is perfect with the telephone you are trying

Before you even boot the telephone up, give it a visual assessment. Start with the screen by checking if it’s damaged. On the off chance that the telephone has physical keys, test them to check whether they are in acceptable condition. Likewise check if the front camera is split or harmed in any capacity.

Next, move to the sides and check for scratches and marks; test the catches to perceive how well they snap and press. At long last, move to the back to check whether there is any noticeable harm.

On the off chance that all gazes great upward to this point, expel the back if that�

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