Realme Buds Air Neo Review 2020

Realme Buds Air Neo Review 2020

Realme Buds Air Neo

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Realme as of late propelled its first keen TV and smartwatch in Quite a while, yet those weren’t the main items divulged at that occasion. The organization likewise presented the Realme Buds Air Neo genuine remote headphones, estimated at Rs. 2,999. This lower-cost kin to the Realme Buds Air which was propelled generally as of late in late 2019, the Realme Buds Air Neo is a reasonable genuine remote headset intended to take the battle to Xiaomi and its ongoing passage into the genuine remote sound portion in India.

The Realme Buds Air Neo is more reasonable than the Realme Buds Air and has a similar plan, however there are a few contrasts as far as highlights and execution. We investigate these changes, and furthermore expound on how these headphones perform, in our audit.

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Not as much extravagant stuff on the Realme Buds Air Neo

In spite of the fact that we weren’t dazzled with the sound nature of the Rs. 3,999 Realme Buds Air, it certainly pushed limits of minimal effort genuine remote headphones as far as highlights. The Realme Buds Air Neo isn’t exactly too prepared, rather adhering to getting the rudiments directly at a lower cost. There’s no remote charging, and charging is through a Micro-USB port; there’s no Type-C port, which you jump on the more expensive Buds Air.

Very little has changed with regards to structure; the Realme Buds Air Neo games to a great extent the equivalent AirPods-like plan of its kin. The external ear fit is agreeable and remained set up for most typical exercises, yet detached clamor disengagement was for all intents and purposes non-existent, as would be normal from this structure. There are contact touchy zones on the headphones for the controls, which functioned admirably for us. The headphones are IPX4 evaluated for water opposition, and use Bluetooth 5 for availability with help for the SBC and AAC codecs.

The shading choices have transformed; you can get the Realme Buds Air Neo in white, green, or red. The charging case is a similar shading as the headphones, and has the Micro-USB charging port at the base, in addition to a blending catch and marker light at the front. Essentially opening the cover of the case controls up the headphones, and taking care of them and closing the top forces them down.

The headphones ran for around three hours for each charge, with the charging case figuring out how to control the headphones four additional occasions for a complete battery life of 15 hours for every charge cycle.

The Realme Buds Air Neo gets somewhat bigger 13mm unique drivers, and what Realme calls a R1 genuine remote chip for double channel transmission and better availability. There’s additionally a low-inertness mode for gaming, contact work customisation through the application, and backing for Google Fast Pair.

We combined the headphones just because utilizing Google Fast Pair, and this worked precisely as it should, lessening the quantity of steps expected to get the headphones associated with our Android cell phone. You can likewise utilize the convention to discover your headphones by making them ring noisily in the event that they are inside Bluetooth extend.

The Realme Link application is accessible now for Android and can be utilized to redo the touch controls of the Realme Buds Air Neo. You likewise need the application to initiate the voice collaborator work on the headphones, which is incapacitated of course.

Motions and controls for playback, summoning the voice right hand, and killing the headphones can be set through the application, while volume should be balanced on the source gadget. You can likewise observe the battery level on the headphones through the application, while the charging case will tell you when its own battery level is low through the pointer light.

Realme Buds Air Neo: Familiar passage level sound quality

Realme Buds Air Neo
Realme Buds Air Neo

Despite the fact that the cost has been decreased and a portion of the feature commendable highlights have been skipped, contrasted with the more established Realme Buds Air, the Realme Buds Air Neo doesn’t forfeit sound quality. The headphones offer OK stable at the cost, and in truth we saw them as somewhat better than the more costly Buds Air. The tuning is somewhat less bass-situated, however there’s still a lot of bang for any individual who likes things energizing.

Something that is typically absent from spending genuine remote headphones is detail, so we began with one of our preferred tracks for testing this – Love by Moullinex. The bustling idea of this track with the numerous instruments and vigorous beats wasn’t exactly as amazing on the Realme Buds Air Neo as on the great JVC HA-A10T, however the headphones managed to get a portion of the spatial feeling of the track right. The sound wasn’t as fresh as on the JVC headphones, however we weren’t frustrated with it either.

Exchanging up to salsa, we tuned in to Show Me by Alex Wilson. The mid-range and highs certainly take a rearward sitting arrangement with more consideration heading off to the lows and mid-lows, yet the drop off isn’t as articulated as on the Realme Buds Air; we could even now hear the vocals and highs unmistakably enough. Be that as it may, the snappy rhythms in this track felt somewhat bass-supported. The headphones didn’t exactly catch the detail in the conga drums, and the track sounded dull to us. The subtleties of explicit types aren’t precisely replicated by the Realme Buds Air Neo, and the headphones are best utilized for current electronic music that depends on integrated bass.

This is actually what we tuned in to straightaway – we played The Whistle Song by Netsky, and the embodiment of this drum-and-bass track was all around depicted by the headphones. Indeed, detail was missing, however the Realme Buds Air Neo got the crude bang and forcefulness of the lows right. The headphones additionally get exceptionally boisterous, which assists amp with increasing the fervor in electronic music.

At long last, we utilized the Realme Buds Air Neo for calls, and the headphones performed pretty much as we anticipated from a reasonable pair of genuine remote headphones. While we had the option to hear and be heard on calls when we had great gathering, sound was a piece boomy for us, and not in every case sharp enough for the individual on the opposite end. The low-inertness mode fills in true to form; sound quality dropped a piece when utilizing it, however there was a fairly perceptible decrease in dormancy, which improved the gaming experience a piece.


The Realme Buds Air Neo isn’t exactly as historic an item as the Realme Buds Air, which was propelled in late 2019. While it costs Rs. 1,000 less, the oversight of remote charging and the utilization of a Micro-USB port for charging makes this a less noteworthy choice. Sound quality doesn’t perceive any huge enhancements, and battery life is normal, yet some essential highlights that are regular to the two headsets, for example, Google Fast Pair, low-inertness mode, and application support are helpful to have at this cost and may speak to numerous purchasers.

The Realme Buds Air Neo is a seriously valued item, getting rid of ornaments while holding the center understanding. Realme still hasn’t split the genuine remote headphones equation in India with the Realme Buds Air Neo, as we would see it. In case you’re shopping on a careful spending plan, the Redmi Earbuds S is a progressively reasonable and better alternative to go for, as we would like to think.

Value: Rs. 2,999


• Google Fast Pair, application support

• Stable availability, AAC codec upheld

• Comfortable, simple to utilize

• Strong bass


• Not much detail, dull sound

• Average battery life

• Not generally excellent for voice calls

Evaluations (out of 5)

• Design/comfort: 3.5

• Audio quality: 3

• Battery life: 3.5

• Value for cash: 4

• Overall: 3.5

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