Success on Fiverr 8 Steps

Success on Fiverr 8 Steps

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STEP 1: Have a positive attitude

Treat every customer like they are your only customer. Make sure that they are completely satisfied with your work. Don’t be afraid to ask them, if they were completely satisfied with your service before they leave a review.
STEP 2: Be on time

Make sure you deliver on time! If you say it will take 3 days to complete your gig, finish it within 3 days. If something comes up, let your client know. Communication is key! As long, as you keep your client in the loop, they will be happy.
This go with pending gigs as well, let them know that you haven’t forgot about them.
Ex. “Hey John, I’m finishing up with some previous orders, but I’m excited to get started with yours soon. I love the idea as well!”
STEP 3: Be Prepared

Never post a gig that you can’t actually deliver. Make sure that you make time to respond to request and complete your gigs. This is your business and you must treat it as such to be successful.
STEP 4: Work 8 Hours

Remember this is a business! What you put into it is what you will get out of it. Success isn’t given, it takes hard work! A lot of people here read the success stories of people who’ve made fiverr their main stream of income. You can ask any of them and they will each tell you that it took persistence and hard work. Don’t cheat yourself by giving less than 100% effort.
STEP 5: Work Hard (Dominate)

Creating a Gig is just placing the product on the shelf. There are many products similar to yours, why should they choose yours? Have you heard of the phrase “The squeaky wheel gets the oil” Well, the LOUDEST seller will get the clients! share Share SHARE!!! Use blogs, social networks, face to face to market your service. You must supercharge your gig by using network marketing. People have no choice, but to know about your gig. They should see it so much, they dream about it. Don’t let up!
STEP 6: Maintain your attitude

Don’t get discouraged! Maybe you’re a newbie with no orders. So what! It takes time for the “order wheel” to start rolling. Question is, how much force are you applying to it? This is what separates the average from the advanced sellers. Attitude is everything! If you “know” you will be successful, you have a higher probability of be successful. Mainly, because you’re always thinking of ways to raise the bar.

STEP 7: Know why your doing what you’re doing

What your purpose? Why are you selling on fiverr? How are you different from other sellers? You should be able to answer each one of these questions.

I’m a graphic designer, who join fiverr 2 years ago, not really knowing the benefit of it other than making a quick $5 bucks. I just came back a month ago, deciding to use this as away to build my portfolio and sharpen my skills. After many conversations with clients, I’ve seen how I can really turn this into a business. I’ve strived to turn every customer into a potential returning customer and having succeeded more times than not. Helping others is my end goals and I’ve decided to make a business out of it. What’s your end goal?

STEP 8: Take Control

Many people talk about fiverr’s formula on promotion and be featured. It’s good to know what you are being measured on, but don’t focus too long on that. Just believe in “the system”! If you truly care about providing quality service and going out the way for your customers, you will be fruitful. “I control everything!” This should be your view in any situation. This gives you the power to make or change any situation. If you customer isn’t satisfied with the work you’ve submitted, take action and find out how can you satisfy them. You need to being able to pull out what they are looking for by either asking the right questions or being willing to keep trying til they are satisfied. I’ve had to resubmit my work several times and received a 5 start rating, plus the client left a wonderful review, proving that you truly can control any situation.

These steps can be used in every aspect of life. They’ve helped my so far in my fiverr career and I hope they help you as well. Please comment below, I’d love to know what people think and hear stories about how this helped.

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