How to do proper Fiverr Keyword Research? Best Tricks in 2020

How to do proper Fiverr Keyword Research? Best Tricks in 2020

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Keyword Research is something very important when it comes to Ranking a Fiverr Gig. One of the secrets for success on Fiverr is proper On-Page SEO of Gigs by finding the most relevant keywords.

Some sellers seem to get 50+ regular orders while others cannot even get a single one. Why does this happen? Because people usually don’t know how Fiverr works. Keywords help us in making the Fiverr Search Algorithm work how we want it.
Where to include keywords in Fiverr?
You can include keywords in Fiverr in your Gig Title, Tags, and Description. These three things help your Fiverr Gig Rank better and appear on the first page of search results.
Finding Keywords From Fiverr Search
Keywords can be found if you use Fiverr’s own search engine. Try a search for something a buyer would type for when looking for Gigs related to Logo Design. Example:


For a Logo Design Gig, the keywords must be: Logo Design, Business Logo, Minimalist Logo Design, 3d Logo etc. as these are what buyers are looking for.
Finding Keywords from Other Sellers’ Gigs
One other way to find keywords for your Gig is to research the Gig of other sellers who already have Gigs on the first page for a very specific keyword.
For example, Let’s look at Gigs on the first page for the keyword “Logo Design”:

Click on any of the Gigs you like here, on the Gig page scroll to the very bottom of the Gig. Just after the “Reviews” section, you’ll see there are 5 keywords.

These are the keywords which the seller has put in the “Tags” section when creating a Gig. Don’t copy these exact keywords to your tags though.
Pro Tip: You can not copy these keywords to your Tags but instead you can check several other Gigs and add one keyword from each of these Gigs to your Tags.
Don’t use way too many keywords
It should be put into consideration that you do not add so many keywords in your Gig Description that it starts looking spammy. Use keywords in a series of a combination of other keywords.
Don’t kill the flow of sentence or sense of it by focusing on just adding keywords.
Add Keywords in Description (The correct way)
Add the keywords in your description by keeping the keyword somewhere in the first one or two lines. Don’t add the same keyword so many times but instead use different keywords in a different sentence.
Again, focus on how real and professional the description looks rather than just the quantity of keywords.
Look at one of the seller’s description below (all the keywords are highlighted):
A Description like this is more professional and sounds original as well.
Using Keywords in Tags
To use the keywords in a tag there are some special tricks which you can take into considerations.
Keywords used in Combination
When you use multiple keywords in tags in such a way: Logo, Design, Logo Design, Creative, Business. This could help in ranking even when a buyer searches for either “Creative Logo Design” or something like “Business Logo”.
What this helpful? Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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