How to make money with Tiktok live?

How to make money with Tiktok live?

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make money with Tiktok live

Tiktok is an online platform that was launched back in 2017 but has gained massive popularity over the past 6-8 months.
As we speak, the platform has over 500 million active users who have made Tiktok the talk of the town.
To be honest, I am perked up as well to find out about Tiktok and why is it of so much interest these days?
Tiktok provides an easy platform to create short videos and enables everyone to be a media creator. Even if someone is not a part of the platform, they surely do watch creative and fun videos available on Tiktok.
Just like any other social media sensation, people are also interested in knowing “How exactly can they make money with Tiktok”?
Tiktok is not quintessentially a money making platform.
The design and features available on Tiktok do not support massive monetization but still, there are ways that have been used by marketers, entrepreneurs, and normal users to make money with Tiktok.
In this article, I will be covering up the top ways that explain how to make money with Tiktok live?
But here is the deal! When I say make money, I do not refer to millions of dollars overnight that will check off all the items from your wish list.
These ideas will provide you a direction to start using Tiktok as a money making platform but remember the basics of money making:
You need to create content that has value; because value attracts followers. Also, make sure you work hard to create creative content that is fun and original.
 You can make money with Tiktok live; holding a live video session on Tiktok to interact with the followers in real time and here is how!
*1 Sell Products
Holding a Tiktok live session enables you to interact with your followers in real time.
A great way of making money is by launching new products while live streaming or holding auctions.
You can also advertise a product during the live session and ask them to visit your profile to purchase it for them.
So, if you are a Tiktok user and can grow a following around a certain type of product reaching out to brands and helping them sell their product will be a great money making idea.
*2 Collecting Donations
This is the simplest way of making money through Tiktok live. This is a built-in monetization option.
You hold a live session and collect donations online from followers. Here is how it works!
Being a Tiktok user, you can visit your profile and buy coins. 100 coins will cost you roughly $1.5. But what exactly you do with these coins?
Whenever your favorite Tiktok creator goes live, you can send them coins as a symbol of your love and recognition. If you love their content, you send coins. It is like tipping your favorite Tiktok stars for the amazing work that they do.
These coins can be joined together by the influencer to create diamonds. These diamonds can later be redeemed as cash through PayPal. Tiktok pays 80% of the money to the person owing the profile.

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