How to make money on Google maps?

How to make money on Google maps?

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When one searches online for possibilities to earn money from home or through means that require no investment; earning by using Google is a very frequent and talked-about option.
Now earning on Google is a very wide terminology. There are numerous ways with which you can earn money by sitting at home and using Google as an earning medium. What I wish to discuss here and educate you about is earning money on Google Maps.
Can you earn money with Google Maps? It is something that will be popping in your mind! Yes, you can make money on Google Maps and trust me: it is pretty simple.
Why Google Maps?
“Why Google Maps” and “How” must be the two questions, that anyone reading this will probably ask.
The answer is that Google Maps is perhaps the only territory that has not been discovered or exploited up to its true potential. Most of the people looking for means to earn easy money are not even aware of the fact that Google Maps can earn thousands of dollars in a month. Yes, that is true!
I have read and researched about money-making with Google Maps and here I am penning it all down to help you earn as well. I consulted the Google Maps specialists and people who have claimed to earn thousands of dollars through Google Maps and here is what they had to say!
How to make money through Google Maps?
Firstly, we need to set the grounds for our discussion. Before we proceed on to ways that can boost our monthly Google Maps income; it is important to understand how Google Maps make us earn money.
When we talk about Google Maps, and by “we” I mean people like you and me who are unaware of the Google algorithms and technicalities, all we think about is maps that help us:
  • With the directions.
  • Finding a particular spot.
  • Or finding the best possible solution to our query.
Let’s suppose that you are interested in finding out the best dental care facility in your surroundings. Let’s further suppose that you live in Arizona. You would probably hop on to Google and type:
“Dental Clinic, Arizona”
Now, based on your location specifications, Google will help you with all the surrounding options with the aid of Google Maps.
Typically, a map will show up of your specified location with red tear-drop shaped icons representing the dental care facilities close by.
Google maps will also present to you a list of all the dental care facilities (that are marked on the Map) with their names, contact numbers, and address. Now, ideally or typically, as a user you and I would click on the first available option and call to check for an appointment, charges, etc.
Now, as a business owner or member of a dental care facility, I would want to rank the highest on that list so that I receive the maximum number of calls and consequently the highest number of sales. But what if I am competent and available for business, yet I don’t show up on the Google search and potential consumers never get to know about me? I will be missing out on so much of possible business and revenue!
But what is required to rank the highest or higher on that list (that Google Maps display)? Do you know the answer as a business owner? Do you know what it means to make it on the top of that list? Probably no! Because you are too busy treating your patients to understand the gimmicks and tricks of the Google Maps algorithm or come up with SEO content so that you are viewed as the most optimal and best available option.
Now if you are a user looking for ways to earn money through Google Maps, this is where you jump in. You help companies and businesses up their ranking in the Google Maps list so that they receive the maximum calls and ultimately the consumer traffic.
Companies are willing to pay you a good amount if you help them increase their sales and maximize their exposure and business. You can land and maintain multiple clients at the same time and help them manage their Google ranking so that they rank higher in the list and increase their business potential.
In a nutshell, if I had to tell you how you can earn through Google Maps then here is what I would say:
You help companies with their Google ranking. You guide them and tell them what is it that needs to be done and even do it on their behalf so that when someone searches for a specific service on Google, your client pops up as the best possible option.
You help your clients with their sales and business and the client will pay you in return.
What do you need to do earn through Google Maps?

Earning on Google Maps is smart work rather than hard work. When I contacted the Google Maps guru’s to learn about making money with Google maps I was amazed to see the amount of money that they have been making through Google Maps.
They helped me not only understand what making money through Google Maps is but also filled me up with tricks and tips, you can benefit from as well. So, here is a brief but comprehensive breakdown of all the things that you can and should be doing on Google Maps to earn money.
#1- Hunt for clients.
When you are starting new, you need to hunt and land clients. The best way to do that is by searching for a product or service in your area and going through the list of options that Google displays.
You click on each one of them and check if that business is owned or not. If the business is not owned which means that it has not been registered with Google Maps, then here is your first opportunity to land this client.
You will then, contact this business (and your possible client) and ask them to own their business on Google because if they fail to do so, Google will delete their entry after 3 months of staying un-registered (which is true).
Many clients will possibly pay you a couple of hundred bucks for just letting them know about owning their business.
Next, you need to convince them to employ you for managing their company’s or business’s Google ranking. You can also advertise your services on platforms such as Fiverr to hunt and land potential clients.
#2 – Learn about Google Map Citations and offer your services
This right here is the real deal. For any business or company to improve its ranking in the Google search list, in Google Maps it needs to maximize the Google Map Citations. The more the citations the higher is your place on that list.
You will be getting more exposure and consequently more sales and more business. Most of the business owners don’t have the time or the expertise to focus on gaining or earning Google Maps citations along with doing their work. So, they will most likely look for professionals to handle it for them and will turn to platforms such as Fiverr to look for the right candidate.
You also need to offer your services as a Google Map citations provider on multiple platforms. Because honestly speaking, in today’s world of technology, ranking higher on Google Maps and increasing the ranking through the local SEO is a crucial step towards the success of the business.
Once you land a client, make sure that your client owns a “My business account” on Google and if not then you need to create one for the client.
Now, here is a tip that I am so excited to share with you. If let’s suppose you are not personally aware of how to increase and improve the Google Maps citations yet you want to earn money through Google Maps then:
You can always hire a third party (outsource the job) to that for you.
What I mean is that you hunt and land a client (either through manual search, sources, going door to door and meeting potential clients, promoting your services or through a recommendation) and next you assign the task to a third party or professional who knows the job. You act as a middle man.
Let’s suppose that the client company is paying you a thousand dollars for a month. You give $500 to the person working for you and keep $500 for yourself. You can earn money using Google Maps even if you don’t know how to do the job yourself. Isn’t this amazing!
#3 – Learn how to push a company or business up in Google searches
No matter what you do, your ultimate goal is to push your client up in the Google searches. Now, you do that in a variety of ways and the more effective you are in your job the more clients you will be landing and the more money you will be making on Google Maps.
You can work on the local SEO for the company, get them more reviews and ratings, make videos on YouTube for the client or get them more Google Map citations. Whatever you do, it will be for the client and the higher you push your client on the Google search result, the more traffic the business will be receiving and ultimately more money you will be earning.
The reason I felt compelled to write this post was that I met so many people that had no clue that they can earn money on Google Maps. Most of the people I met or interviewed thought the only way of making money off Google was through mainstream Google only.
Through ways like Google Ad-sense, affiliate marketing, running a blog, etc. But hardly anyone knew how easy it is to earn on Google Maps. The only hard part is making a client (a business or a company) trust you; to trust you with your services and how you can help them with their Google ranking by improving the local SEO, to trust you with how effective your services will be for their business and to trust you with your claims of improving their consumer traffic and sales. The Rest is all easy and simple.
Why making money through Google Maps is such a golden opportunity because not many people as of now are offering their services regarding Google Maps. As I mentioned at the start, they do not even know that it is possible.
Companies and businesses are also not aware of the impact of ranking higher in Google searches and how it can affect their business. You need to tell them, what you can do for them and making them trusts you. Once you do that, you will be able to earn money on Google Maps.
Even if you do not know how to do that for the client, you are and should be (after reading this article of course) smart enough to bag the deal and go to a platform such as Fiverr and find the relevant person to do the job for you. Trust me, this is no rocket science and just like me and thousands of others, you can also earn easy money at home with Google Maps.
I really hope that this article helped you to understand this business model better. I have broken down the entire process for you so that you understand how to make money through Google Maps and get down to it.
So, what are you waiting for, start hunting for clients and start earning!

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